Book Production

The process of producing each book goes through several stages. From start to finish we take particular care of every detail.

The stages:

Interviewing – On average we conduct 8-10 interviews, but more or less can be arranged according to the client’s wishes. Interviews take place at the client’s home, our office, or a mutually agreed location. Our interviews are based on a unique system.

Writing – The writing is done with the full cooperation and involvement of the client, who approves the final draft. Where necessary, we check historical dates and events and add some background material.

Photos and documents – Together with the writer, the client selects the photos and documents, with their captions, to be included.

Graphic design – The book, including the cover, is designed according to the type of story and the client’s wishes. The cover is in full colour, and the client has a choice of soft or hard cover, and glossy or matt finish to the cover lamination.

Printing – Once the client has given the final approval to the text and graphic design, the book is printed – using the highest quality equipment.