Why Docostory?

Docostory is a top quality, professional company, which, in its 20 years existence, has produced more than 950 books.

Company owner, Miriam Dubi-Gazan, is well qualified for this type of work, with a BA degree in the ‘History of the Jewish People’, and diplomas in journalism and gerontology. In addition to her academic credentials, she has extensive experience in interviewing and writing.

Quality and Professionalism – at all stages of production, one can see Docostory’s high standard of professionalism and quality control. Books are written by highly experienced and professional writers, our graphics team use the latest design programmes, and our printers have the most modern equipment.

Personal attention – Miriam Dubi supervises every production personally, from the beginning to the end, keeping in close contact with the client at all times.

Our prices – are fair and reasonable

Copyright of the book – to the client

The client decides: The style of writing, the number of interviews, how many photographs and/or documents to be included, how many pages, how many copies of the book etc. etc.